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EI Games


The EI Games Simulation provides foundational soft skills—(emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, and leadership)—for anyone entering or currently working or looking to train in a leadership role with optional coaching and mentoring programs. EI Games is an already established serious-games/simulation creation company committed to making sure that every client get as close to 100% engagement as possible.


The EI Games team approached Dmnm looking for the complete marketing package. The goal was to attract directors of learning and development and/or professional educators of business.


After assisting in the completion of their animated games, Dmnm developed a strategic website to inform and entice potential customers with relevant information, testimonials, and the benefits one may gain from using their products.


Once launched, Dmnm created facebook and google ads strategically targeted towards the intended audience. With the complement of weekly emails and check ins, we were able to build a complete funnel.



Dmnm bumped daily website traffic from below 10 monthly users to an average of 642 per month, topping out at 1,500 users for the month of May at the peak of their summer campaign. To date, the funnel attracted an interest list of 3,000 leads for EI Games to pursue and develop.


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